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Knitwit cashmere sweaters are designed for todayís fashionista who appreciates the cozy luxury of cashmere but also values her sense of style and individuality. Designer and owner Julie Willgeroth, wanted to create a line of cashmere sweaters that would be classy and cozy, but would also express an individual's personality and be fun to wear at the same time. Inspired by her idea that this fabric doesn't always have to be dressy, Julie set to work on her 2004 debut collection of cashmere sweaters using the best quality available. The 100% cashmere sweaters were adorned with creative slogans and graphics.

The name "Knitwit" actually came before anything else was established. It started out with witty sayings like "What if the Hokey Pokey really is what its all about" and vintage graphics on sweaters. It's literally a play on words, witty knitted sweaters or, "Knitwit" as opposed to "nitwit" which isn't clever at all.

Knitwit has attracted the likes of celebrities such as Alexis Bledel, Tori Spelling, Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Denise Richards, Heidi Montag and Maria Menounos.

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